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How do we build something positive in the face of crisis?


Resilience Emergency Management develops and deploys emergency management solutions that are rooted in community building and organizing. Working from a whole-community perspective, Resilience EM always puts people first.


States of exception create permission for change. Resilience EM believes that emergency management is an opportunity to address and build resilience.

In a non-disaster state, Resilience EM will help you build networks, systems, and plans of action designed around your organization or community’s culture and core values. Our team offers teaching, training, and leadership to support you in preparedness and planning.

In states of disaster or emergency, Resilience EM brings a cross-sector, broad-based approach that focuses on supporting the whole community, person by person. With Resilience EM, response and recovery are focused on building stronger, better networks, systems, and plans of action that will last well beyond the emergency state.

David Elliot

Resilience Emergency Management was born out of David Elliot’s background in community organizing, emergency management, and first response. David is passionate about emergency management through all phases of the disaster cycle. He has trained and worked with governmental, professional, and volunteer organizations alike.